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Click here to go to the audio Bible. You might be surprise what you will learn when you listen.

If you were ever under the illusion that the gospel preached by the reformers was somehow novel, please read Augustine. Here's a good place to start.

This is a great way to get to know the Bible better, includes a variety of ways to search the Bible. Go to

Wanna' get really serious about learning the bible? Check this out! Like going to reformed seminary.

Here's some more good information

Lectionary and comparisons

Hard hitting reformed reading

Get the real scoop on that evangelist you wondered about. Click on the following to find out what that guy or gal really believes by checking in the "Discernment Notebook."

Try this guy, Sovereign Grace Baptist Pastor Don Fortner. Listen to him preach and watch his videos at

Some more thought-provoking articles from the Protestant Reformed Church Click on the "Pamphlets and Articles link, especially good on the issue of "common grace." But beware, these are among those Calvinists who seem to get somewhat legalistic.

Terrific research on Luther, helping to answer "if he really said that." Also good for keeping an eye on those apologists who are generally recent converts to Catholicism

This former Roman Catholic has researched the "church fathers" extensively. William Webster and I agree on the Gospel but not Holy Communion. I believe we truly receive what Christ promised us, his body and blood.. (I must say that his latest article in agreement with John "faith plus works" MacArthur gospel make me doubt my agreement on the gospel with Webster--both now seem to suffer form legalism).

Find out about the traditional Catholic movement against the modern day Church.

Discover the utter hopelessness of Roman Catholicism at

Find out how St. Augustine and Jansenism was one of the last hopes for the Roman Catholic Church to believe the true Gospel--that Christ alone had won the salvation of all he had chosen for everlasting life.

Read Blaise Pascal's Provincial Letters to the Jesuits. Pascal knew the Bible too well to let their false semi-Pelagian gospel go unanswered. Sadly the church sided with the Jesuits.

Documenting the sexual abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic Church, click on the following  to get a true snapshot of the sweeping crisis in the church.

See how "traditional Catholics" view their so-called "modern" Catholic brethren and pope. Make sure you click on "News and Archive" link at this site:

For more of the above, go to

The 1940 Hymnal with music, go to

Sovereign grace hymns from the Primitive Baptist hymnal

Worship the Lord! Sing the Psalter--sing the Psalms! Go to: (Go to "Psalter sections")

Sing along with others who are singing the Psalms! click on the following:

Here's one way to read the Bible daily in prayer. Go to and prayerfully read the morning and evening prayers. They even have abbreviated versions for those "on the go." Click on the "Daily Morning and Evening" prayer link.

Search the catechism of the Roman Catholic Church so you can compare and contrast what you read in the word of God with the teachings of the "church." (Also see the dogma link at

The Highway gives you insight into biblical Christianity

Classical Christian writings

I really appreciate certain Primitive Baptists, especially this bunch. People should know more about them and read their Articles of Belief. Go to and also read their newsletter at

Read what many modern day Roman Catholic apologists are sadly using as their "real" bible--the writings of the so-called early church "fathers"

This former RC priest does some good research. I agree with Richard on the Gospel but not on Holy Communion. Again, I believe that we should believe Christ's promise, that we receive his body and blood at Holy Communion.

Keep up with the Vatican via John Allen's column in the National Catholic Reporter.

This guy--James White--will take on the best the Roman Catholic Church has to offer in debate. James and I agree on the Gospel and but, as usual, not Holy Communion.


Get the latest from the major Roman Catholic news services. Go to 


The Brothers Dimond run this site which urges Roman Catholics to seek salvation by reverting to the ways of the Roman Catholicism of old (pre-Vatican II) Sadly, the pre-Vatican II Church didn't know the Gospel either.


Explore an insider's view of the Roman priesthood back in those supposed "good old days" of the church


Former priest tells of the true scandal that was Cardinal John Henry Newman click here.

Gavin Finley, at his website  makes an interesting connection between the Jewish holidays and the fulfillment of Jesus' promise to come again. Click on the following link for his outline:

Finley also makes an equally interesting explanation about the importance of believing that, following his return, Jesus will literally rule for a thousand years on earth on the throne of David. Click on the following link for that explanation. (At the very least good information to consider.)



For interesting reading on the Jews and end time considerations from the inside, the following link goes to Hanna Newman's site titled "The Rainbow Swastika."